MERITI employs experienced translators, with a wealth of professional experience in a diverse range of industries, to ensure industry-specific and quality translations and proofreading.

Key criteria for translators at MERITI includes:

  • a passion for translating
  • excellent translation skills in target languages - both grammatically and stylistically, since we believe that a translation of the highest quality requires particular skills, being a native-speaker of the target language is not enoug
  • translation experience specific to particular industries, and different document types (including a knowledge of terminology)
  • availability and ability to deliver fast translations
  • ability to maintain high levels of quality despite short deadlines and high volumes of work


Areas of specialization and expertise of MERITI translators:

  • medicine and pharmacy
  • law and legal documents
  • finance and accounting
  • EU, NATO and EP documentation
  • translation and localization of web pages
  • IT and software localization projects
  • business correspondence
  • international trade
  • transport and logistics
  • marketing
  • educational and scientific documents

 For further information on pricing for your particular project(s), please contact MERITI project managers. 

 Meriti General Terms and Conditions (2014)